Massachusetts is great place to live, but life here is expensive. According to CNBC, Massachusetts has the fourth highest cost of living in the United States. In addition to high housing costs, we pay substantial state and local taxes. We get the nickname Taxachusetts for a reason. We do a lot of things right here, but Massachusetts is not currently a place that allows everyone to prosper. We need to stop spending big and start spending smart. We need leaders on Beacon Hill who won’t just throw money at symptoms, but look to fight the disease. The cost of life is going up, but we are getting less and less. Your taxes used to pay to fix the potholes on your streets, but now you pay your mechanic to fix your wheels when you hit them. Your taxes used to pay for your kids to play sports, but now you are stuck paying additional fees. Being more intelligent with our spending will not only help to tackle our biggest issues smartly, but will lessen the stress to your checkbooks. Check back in the coming months to see how we can reduce our spending on the expensive stuff and start spending money on the effective stuff.

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